My Heaven Sent Devil

It was my biggest fear

It was my biggest dream

To fall in love with an angel like him

But little did I know

The love was too new

To see the hell this angel will sent me to

Although my heart was shattered into tiny pieces

Seeing the devil falling in love too

Was the most beautiful thing my eyes were ever witnesses to.


2 gânduri despre “My Heaven Sent Devil

  1. „To see the fragility and hope in the eyes of Devil first Love,
    Was something no one would ever have hoped.
    Like the wind the blows at night,
    He’s first love was sent from the sky.
    But little did he know , that her desire was real
    And without a second thought – he run away in tears.”

    Love your poem <3. Here's a tiny part of your story throught my own eyes. ❤

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